For Publishers

Streamads is the specialist for online video advertising. We seek for partnerships with publishers where flexibility, quality, service and performance are the key values.

Are you as a publisher looking for additional sources of income that will fit today? Choose with many other premium publishers for Streamads . Streamads does not cannibalize your existing revenue models and will not be in competition with your own or external saleschannels.

Yes, that’s possible. We believe that a publisher should always have the right to sell on their website (s). In that case, we facilitate our technology and support trafficking.
Absolutely! After we decide the best positions together we will give you a code that you can place on the site. This is supported with the most content management systems
Of course you can. Our technology is fully compatible with all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and can be used without problems on responsive websites. Because responsive website are different, we have experts available who will look for the best implementation together with you.
We focus entirely on video products and don’t sell standard IAB display products
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